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Spark Snap

Cat Shaped Mini Inkless Printer

Cat Shaped Mini Inkless Printer

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How to use

When you receive the Spark Snap Printer, make sure you charge it before turning it on.

Download "Fun Print" on the Play Store or the App Store.

Connect your phone to the printer via bluetooth, and then have fun!

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Immerse yourself in the freedom of printing anything, whenever and wherever inspiration strikes!
Elevate your daily tasks to new heights by unleashing your creativity with the Spark Snap Printer. Enjoy the advantages of saving money, time, and cherishing precious memories with every print!




 Thermal printing - Introducing our Spark Snap Printer, utilizing cutting-edge thermal printing technology to produce high-quality black and white images. Experience the convenience of printing your photos instantly all without the need the need for ink.
 Multifunctional - Discover the boundless capabilities of the Spark Snap Printer, allowing you to print a wide range of items, including label, notes, photos, and small documents. With our user-friendly app, you have the flexibility to chose from plethora of features, allowing the printing of intriguing texts and unleashing the full protentional of this remarkable printer.
 Android &I iOS Friendly -  Effortlessly link your Spark Snap Printer to your phone through Bluetooth, all thanks to the user-friendly "Fun Print" App.
Experience the convenience of printing with adhesive paper on the Spark Snap Printer, allowing you to stick your creations on paper or various surfaces with ease.

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